Who Has the Best Swing on Tour?

Years ago the question of who has the best swing was asked to various PGA Tour Pros by Golf Digest. Names like Ben Hogan, Tom Weiskopf, Sam Snead, etc. were mentioned.

However, Jack Nicklaus had an interesting answer. He said it depends on how you define the “best swing.” He said that he defined it as the swing that repeated most consistently.

Using that measure, he named Lee Trevino’s swing as the best swing because Trevino would swing the same way just about every time he hit the ball – something even most tour pros can’t do. For those who have a less that picturesque swing, repeatability, not beauty, is the goal.

Reading that article changed the way I approach working on my swing. Gary Player, from the same era has a swing is less than a thing of beauty. But it works very well even now, in his seventies. That is because it fits his physique, muscle structure, etc. That is also because of his good physical condition.

It is mostly Player’s follow-through that looks odd because he puts so much force into his swing. That is after impact and so doesn’t have any effect on his impact position. He is a good example of what Jack Nicklaus illustrated with his example of Lee Trevino. Gary Player’s swing is way more conventional than Trevino’s, but the lesson to learn from it is the same.

Who do you think has the best swing on tour? What do you think the best swing is?