How to Stop Topping the Ball

Topping the ball is hitting the ball on the upper half so it never gets off the ground except after a bounce directly in front of you. There are several possible causes. In order of ease to fix, here they are:

  1. The bend of your knees should stay relatively constant during your swing (at least the sum of the two). When you bend your left knee more on your backswing, your right leg becomes straighter for a right-hander. During your downswing your left leg straightens a little and your right leg bends a little more. Your head does not move up and down.
  2. A different possible reason is teeing the ball too far forward in your stance. The clubhead is coming up so steeply by the time it gets to the ball that you strike above the midpoint on the ball. Move the ball away from alignment left of your left foot. Move it away from the target back towards the middle of your stance. With the driver, it should still be left of center, but not as far lwft as before.
  3. Sometimes people have clubs that are too short. When that is the case it will always be difficult to keep the clubhead low enough to hit the ball solidly. If you struggle to keep the clubhead down at ball level, get your clubs checked by a good clubmaker who can watch you hit balls.

If you are in the Silicon Valley area, contact me. I will be glad to check your clubs for you.


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