How to Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Hitting the Ball Fat is hitting the ground before the ball. In extreme cases the ball never gets off the ground. When it less extreme, the ball will get up in the air, but will not fly as far. It will usually have less spin as well.

There are several possible causes. In order of ease to fix, here they are:

  1. The bend of your knees should stay relatively constant during your swing (at least the sum of the two). When you bend your left knee more on your backswing, your right leg becomes straighter for a right-hander. During your downswing your left leg straightens a little and your right leg bends a little more. Your head does not move up and down. Increasing the bend of both legs more is asking for a fat shot.
  2. A second possible reason is trying to hit up on the ball with a club other than the driver. To do that, the clubhead would have to be lower than the ball before impact. The ground is in the way. You will hit the ground before the ball.
  3. A third reason, although less likely, is playing the ball too far back in your stance. The angle of attack of the clubhead – how steep your clubhead approaches the ball – can cause you to have trouble making consistent contact with the ball. Move the ball slightly toward the target from the usual position.
  4. Sometimes people have clubs that are too long. When that is the case it will always be difficult to keep the clubhead from hitting behind the ball. If you struggle to keep the clubhead up to ball level, get your clubs checked by a good clubmaker who can watch you hit balls.

If you are in the Silicon Valley area, contact me. I will be glad to check your clubs for you.


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