How To Prepare for a Golf Competition

  • Do you tend to get nervous at the start of competition? Most people do. When that happens, your mind will often go blank. When your mind is blank, you need to be able to swing correctly without thinking about it. It needs to be automatic.

    How can you make sure you can do that? Practice until you can consistently hit good shots without thinking about it. You will notice your mind can wander without affecting your swing.

  • Do exercises on a regular basis. Include stretching in your routine. Nervousness can tighten up your swing. Being in good condition will minimize that.
  • There is a simple way to stretch and exercise at the same time. Swinging a weighted golf club will stretch your golf muscles without too much stress. It will also keep your golf muscles strong – as if you had been hitting balls every day. Swing the heavy club daily, gradually increasing repetitions to 50 or more. When it becomes too easy, add weight to the club.

    DO NOT swing the heavy club right before teeing off. It will make your regular clubs feel so light that your swing timing will be adversely affected. Leave at least an hour between using the heavy club and teeing off.

  • Eat a nutritious meal so you don’t run out of energy hal way through your round. Put a snack in your golf bag for mid-round.
  • All players can have a bad hole. Stay with your game plan. DO NOT try to get the stroke(s) back on the next hole. That can lead to disaster. Play the way you would have played the holes anyway.

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