How to Practice Full Shots

Pros and other good golfers can hit shots that look almost magical. The ball can be hit higher, lower, left, right, or any combination of those variations.

Good golfers practice nine different shot variations:

  • high hook
  • medium height hook
  • low hook
  • high straight shot
  • medium height straight shot
  • low straight shot
  • high fade
  • medium height fade
  • low fade

If you attempt these and practice them a little, you will be surprised that you will be able to hit at least some of them pretty consistently. They give you more options when you need them.

There are also other specialty shots to be used in unusual situations:

hitting out from under a tree

hitting out of a divot

hitting the ball from sand when it is half buried (a “fried egg” lie), etc.

Look at Golf Swing Secrets for more information on specialty shots

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