How to Practice Chipping

Chipping is one of the easier shots if you use the correct club. The secret is to use the club that keeps the ball as close to the ground as possible.

When You Are Close to the Green

If your ball is close to the edge of the green and the pin is across the green, use a lower numbered club. It will carry the ball in the air over the fringe and it will land on the green and run. The idea is to keep the chip as similar to a putt as possible. With the low ball spin and the low trajectory, the ball won’t check up when it lands. the softness of the green is not nearly as important as it is when you chip with a wedge.

When You Are a Medium Distance From the Green

When you have less green to work with, or your ball is farther from the edge of the green, you will have to use a club with more loft. The softness of the green and the ball spin will start becoming a factor. Still the strategy is to keep the ball as low as is possible under the conditions you are faced with.

When You Have Little Green to Work With “Short-Sided”

If you have a trap between you and the hole and are confident with your short game, hit the ball over the trap right at the hole. Also, even if there is no trap, when you have little green to work with, use a wedge. With the wedge the softness of the green and the amount of ball spin you generate is important. The ball will stop quickly or not.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Above all, find a practice area where you can hit short shots until you can make the ball come down at nearly the same spot every time. Then all you have to do is adjust for green firmness and, if you are able, change your swing to increase or decrease the ball spin.

The touring pros practice their short games on a regular basis. You (and I) are not better than them. We need to practice too.

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