How to Hit Up on the Ball for More Driver Distance

Golfer’s question:

How to I stop hitting down on the ball with my driver? How do I hit the ball higher so it carries in the air farther?

My answer:

Figure out where the bottom of your swing is by brushing the grass with a driver practice swing. Make a note of where that spot is compared to your heel that is closest to the target (left heel for a right-hander). Tee the ball an inch or two toward the target from that spot. Use your heel as a reference point. A little experimentation will show you which spot works best.

The club will be farthest from your body at the lowest point of your swing. When you are hitting up on the ball, the clubhead will be past the lowest part of your swing at impact. Your swing is a tilted circle (approximately) – sort of like a tilted hula hoop. When the club passes the lowest point brushing the grass, it will be coming back towards you slightly. To compensate for that, align your feet and body a little bit right of the target if you are right-handed. A left-handed person should align a little bit left. This is with the driver only.

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