Greg Norman’s Chain Saw Accident and the Use of Power Tools

There have been a number of news reports of Greg Norman’s chain saw accident this weekend. ABC News reported, “Greg Norman is recovering from a chain saw accident that nearly cost him his left hand, but not his sense of humor.”

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Their story also stated, “Norman, the Hall of Fame golfer and entrepreneur, was cutting back trees in his South Florida home when the weight of a branch pulled his left hand toward the chain saw. He said the blade hit him just below where a person would be wearing a wrist watch. He said doctors told him it missed his artery by a fraction of an inch.”

There is nerve damage, but no muscle damage, Norman said there is tingling in his fingers. Whether there is any permanent damage remains to be seen.

The Use of Power Tools

All of this brings us to the question of using power tools. My Dad always taught me to stay away from most power tools. He reasoned that, with power tools, a small mistake can lead to possible major damage in a second or two. That compares to hand tools where you can usually see things starting to go wrong and can pull back from any serious injury and often avoid any injury at all.

I use a power drill, a drill press, a cut off saw for shaft trimming, a belt to rough up shaft tips and that is about it for power tools will sharp edges.

I have appreciated the advice to avoid power tools on a number of occasions when things didn’t go as planned and I escaped with a small, minor injury or none at all. The same caliber mistake while using certain power tools, in some cases, could have led to serious injury.

Do you think Greg Norman was wise to use a chain saw to do his own tree trimming?

Do you use power tools? Have you had any close calls or injuries? What is your view and what is your experience?