Hand-Grip Position

Experiment on the range to see what left hand position (for a righty) hits the ball straight most of the time. Everybody is different depending on hand strength, hand muscularity, tightness or looseness, etc.

It can vary from day to day. That is one reason the pros go to the driving range before teeing off. They want to see what position is hitting the ball straight each day and make any necessary adjustments. We all vary from each other and from day to day.

Go to the driving range before teeing off to maximize the likelihood of a good shot on the first tee.


NOTE: If you grip the club, then open up your hands while they remain in contact with the grip, your open palms should face each other. If you adjust the position of your upper hand (left hand for right-handers), your lower hand should be adjusted accordingly. (see photo)

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