Golf Technology and Gadgets

Flightscope and Trackman radar, and Foresight Sports technology are all premiere technology for measuring golf swing performance and golf equipment performance. As a service to you, a list of golf pros and clubfitters who use either technology is shown at the links shown below by state in the United States and by country elsewhere.

Flightscope List link

Trackman List link

Foresight Sports List link

Other Significant Golf Technology

Certified Titleist Performance Institute (K-Vest) Experts  Link

The key to developing your best swing is balance, tempo and timing. Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified analysis measures the efficiency of your swing in three dimensions – from the back, side, and top. Motion sensors in the K-Vest 3D system compare your swing to PGA Tour standards. Any power leaks are identified. Never practice mistakes.

Smaller Gadgets and their capabilities

There are a significant number of smaller gadgets that measure ball speed, direction, etc. There are others than measure swing characteristics. Some work on smart phones. Others have their own separate hardware. The number keeps growing.

As we continue to do our research and add to this site there will be information you can use to decide which, if any, is right for you. Our first recommendation is one of the three technologies at the top of this page. The smaller, less expensive gadgets are good for swing maintenance.

GPS Yardage Info Devices

A different type of gadget is the ones that give you the yardage to the green or to the pin from your position in the fairway (or rough). One of the best is the Sky Caddie line. They have people walk each course and make any pertinent notes that could help you when you are playing. They don’t depend on satellite photos where trees can block seeing streams, bunkers and the like.

Some devices will give you the slope of the green, wind speed, etc. Those are not legal for tournament play. The ones I have seen with those features have a yellow piece that fits over the electric eyes that run those extra features. The yellow cover tells rules officials that your device is legal (since those features are covered up and won’t work). If I remember correctly, the one I saw were Leupold brand, another excellent quality line.

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