Golf Practice Routines

We enjoy doing things we know we do well. We enjoy tasks where we have confidence. In general, this is common to everybody. Obviously, any golfer knows it is necessary to correct and practice where our games are weak.

It also depends on whether there are “friends” watching on the range. Sometimes we don’t like to display our weaknesses. 🙂

How to Practice on the Range

I have found the best practice is to “play the course” on the range. In other words, hit the clubs in the order they would be hit on the course. This takes longer, but prevents machine-gun hitting and also prevents getting comfortable via small adjustments hitting the same club over and over. You have to take the time to set up properly for each shot because you are starting from scratch on each shot – just like on the course.

In addition to this, various short game skills should be practiced – pitching, chipping, putting, sand shots. It is important to find a place where you can do short game practice. Chipping into a bucket can be done on your backyard. That helps you make a consistent chip shot stroke. You still have to learn how much the ball rolls by chipping to a real practice green.

Sometimes not knowing how to practice certain shots will prevent hitting those shots on the course. You would have to use a less effective shot you know how to hit. It requires some research or a lesson or two to learn how to hit the shots you are unfamiliar with. A few are here.

One good way to practice putting: Putting to a tee stuck in the putting green. If you can consistently hit the tee softly enough for the ball to stop next to it, the hole looks like a giant bucket by comparison. It is very good for both distance control and accuracy. Start with short putts. When you can consistently stop the ball at the tee increase the length of the putt.

More tips will be added as this website grows. Check back regularly.

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