This equipment list is always changing. Check back regularly to see what is available. In addition, there is much more equipment available than is listed here. Contact me (click link) if there is something you are interested in that isn’t listed here.

Top quality custom fitted woods and irons make golf easier with lower scores. Best in the world Japanese forged Vega irons and budget-friendly stainless iron heads from U.S. Open champion Larry Nelson are farther below.


  • Any wood is shafted with major name graphite shaft with the flex and length you specify (I build it when you order) (fittings available locally in Silicon Valley)
  • Length: You specify and I make it to fit you. Since this is 3 wood loft, a similar length would be 42.5 to 43.5 inches. Standard driver length is 45 inches. (You choose any length – or I fit you locally. Contact me here.)
  • Shafted with major name shaft with the flex and length you specify or that you are fitted for. I build it when you order. Shaft may be new or used, but is in new condition. Brands include Accra, Aldila, Fujikura, Fujitsu, Grafalloy, Graphite Design, Harrison, Mitsubishi, SK Fiber, UST. If you have a preference, let me know.)
  • Grip: Undersize, Standard, Oversize or Jumbo (Your choice)

High Loft Driver

A popular driver for those who have trouble getting the ball in the air with a lower loft driver is this 15 degree loft driver head. That is the same loft as a 3 wood, but with a driver size face.

15 Degree Driver

15 Degree Driver

La Jolla BigTi Titanium 0.83 COR 15 Degree Driver crown7*

  • Standard 0.83 COR (Coefficient of Restitution) for maximum trampoline effect (highest allowed under the rules of golf) and maximum distance
  • Unlike many high loft drivers, this head has a square face that promotes straight shots (most have hook faces to fight a slice)
  • If you hit the ball straight, but have trouble getting it up in the air, this driver fits your swing
  • Titanium body and face allows maximum size and a wide sweet spot for forgiveness on off-center hits
  • This is the driver head brand I use at 10 degrees. Has great distance.
  • Appears to be 460cc
  • $100 each for finished club

I also have a number of major name brand driver heads, new and used. Here are two examples of Cleveland heads:

Cleveland Launcher SL290 & XL270 Drivers:

Cleveland SL 290 crown 1*    Cleveland SL 290 face 1    Cleveland SL 290 sole 3*    Cleveland XL 270 sole 5*

  • Designed with lightweight head for longer shaft or much lighter swingweight. Produces ball speeds 4 to 5 mph faster and greater distance.
  • 460cc size
  • 9, 10.5, or 12 degree lofts, one 12 degree SL290 and one 10.5 degree XL270 are both 3 degrees open to prevent hooks. Others are square.
  • Highly rated by testers. When built at longer length, light driver is best for smooth-tempo and/or slower swingers. Light and easy to swing at any length, solid feel.
    Produces medium to high trajectory with penetrating (flat) ball flight.
    Classic shape.
  • $120 each for finished club

Nickent Drivers:

This driver is used by a mini-tour golfer who Leith Anderson made clubs for. Leith is on Golf Digest’s list of Top 100 Custom Clubfitters. I worked for him in the San Francisco Bay area until he moved to Indiana. This driver model was used on the PGA Tour by sponsored players. The heads are available in 10.5, 12.5, and 14.5 degree lofts.

Nickent 4DX Evolver 12.5 crown 2*    Nickent 4DX Evolver 12.5 face 4*    Nickent 4DX Evolver 12.5 sole 4*

  • 460cc driver with classic shape
    XW polymer inserts widen the sweet spot for consistency and maximum forgiveness
  • Polymer inserts also dampen vibration for a smooth feel at impact
    Ultra-thin and light 0.4 MM Titanium crown and thin Titanium face makes one of the widest sweet spots of any driver available
  • 10.5, 12.5, or 14.5 degree loft (one 12.5 degree head is Draw to prevent slices, all others square)
  • $120 each for finished club

KZG 3 Wood:

KZG is a top of the line smaller manufacturer. These fairways wood heads have a low profile which makes getting the ball up in the air much easier. Loft is 15 degrees.

KZG Maraging Power 3 wood crown 5*    KZG Maraging Power 3 wood face 2*    KZG Maraging Power 3 wood sole 1*

  • Maraging steel insert with very thin face causes large sweet spot & greater ball speed.
  • Low profile face (about 31mm) makes getting the ball up easy.
  • Standard 15 degree 3 wood loft
  • $100 each for finished club

Adams Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids

I have numerous Adams drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid heads available. Many have adjustable weights so both heel-toe balance and swingweight can be easily adjusted after the club is assembled. Contact me if you are interested in the Adams woods.


If you are looking for new reasonably priced custom fitted irons, I have two models of the Merit Prophecy heads from 2-time U.S. Open champion Larry Nelson. They are cavity back cast stainless steel. Unlike some stainless heads, they are a softer alloy that can be adjusted for loft and lie. Lie is the vertical angle of the shaft to the ground when the club is flat on the ground.It is important the lie is correct. Otherwise the club will twist at impact producing crooked shots.

Unlike the Lie angle, Loft angles don’t normally need to be adjusted. Forged heads will eventually get out of spec due to constant use, especially hitting off of driving range mats. That is not usually a problem with stainless heads.

Here is the first model:

Prophecy 2 cavity back Right handed 3-PW + 60 faces-1*    Prophecy 2 cavity back Right handed 3-PW + 60 backs-1*  Prophecy 2 cavity back Right handed 3-PW + 60 soles-1*

  • Cavity back heel-toe weighted for forgiveness on off center hits.
  • Slightly increased bounce to prevent digging.
  • Price of set varies depending on shafts and whether wedges past the PW are included.

The second model:

Prophecy Cavity Back Iron Heads 4-PW + SW backs-1*    Prophecy Cavity Back Iron Heads 4-PW + SW faces-1*    Prophecy Cavity Back Iron Heads 4-PW + SW soles-2*

  • Cavity back heel-toe weighted for forgiveness on off center hits.
  • Less bounce is good on close cropped firm fairways.
  • Price of set varies depending on shafts and whether wedges past the PW are included.

Other iron heads are available. Here are photos showing some of the available models:

Vega Irons:

For those desiring the best forged iron heads, I can order Vega heads as desired. These heads are not kept in stock. Shafts most often used with Vega iron heads are Aerotech or Matrix graphite shafts, or Nippon or KBS steel shafts. Here are photos showing many of the available models:

VM-01 Satin Irons 3-PW

Vega VM-01 Satin Irons

The VM-01 is a classic bladed iron with a thin top edge and rounded heel and toe area to the muscle back.  The VM01 has little offset throughout the set. These irons are used by the same mini-tour player who has the Nickent driver.

VM-02 Satin Irons 3-PW

Vega VM-02 Satin Irons

The VM-02 has the tri-grind sole that’s also found on the VW02.  The set has a minimal amount of offset, especially in the long irons. The short irons are slightly deeper in the neck area compared to the VM01. They have a high centre of gravity and the low offset helps in producing a penetrating ball flight.

VC-01 Satin Irons 3-PW

A very traditional looking small cavity design. The cavity is fully CNC milled for the ultimate finish and precision. There is little progressive offset through the set. Satin finish.

Vega VC-01 Satin Irons

VC-03 Satin Irons 4-PW

The VC-03 has the lowest profile design of all the cavities. It has a thick top edge and wider sole compared to most the other models. This extra weight to the sole makes it one of the most forgiving irons of the range. It features progressive offset to help with a strong ball flight.

Vega VC-03 Satin Irons

VC-05 Satin Irons 4-PW

The VEGA VC-05 is designed with complete forgiveness in mind. The most forgiving VEGA iron yet The large sole lowers the centre of gravity to produce high flying, soft landing shots and helps pick the ball up from both tight, and difficult lies. The supersize cavity creates the biggest sweet spot ever from VEGA for ease of use and forgiveness on off center strikes.

Vega VC-05 Satin Irons

Iron Shafts and Grips:

I have a number of sets of graphite shafts for irons in various flexes as well as numerous sets of steel shafts. In addition, I can order the brand, flex, etc. you prefer. As with the wood shafts, various lengths and flexes are available. All sizes of grips are available as well.

For more information, questions, or to order or set up a fitting in Silicon Valley, contact me.