Certified Titleist Performance Institute (K-Vest) Experts

The key to developing your best swing is balance, tempo and timing. Complete swing analysis includes setup, impact and finish. Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified analysis measures a player’s swing in three dimensions – from the back, side, and top. Motion sensors in the K-Vest 3D system compare your swing to PGA Tour standards. Any power leaks are identified. TPI functional movement tests determine your range of motion. Every golfer embarking on a serious game improvement program should take the “K-Vest Test”. Never practice mistakes.

ATPI expert measures the efficiency of your swing. He can increase the energy your clubhead transfers to the ball with the same effort you use now. He uses the K-Vest to measure the position of your upper body, hips, hands and clubhead to determine how effect­ive your swing is. Lower efficiency and persistent faults are caused by either a flaw in posture or a weakness that can be corrected by exercises for a particular area of the body.

Here is an example of TPI system output:

Titleist Performance-1          Titleist Performance-2

You Learn: A better understanding of your swing motion – your “kinematic sequence” is analyzed for efficiency and power. You learn your swing range of motion. You receive an estimate of increased distance from improved technique and remedial drills if required.

A local – San Francisco Bay area – TPI expert is John Taylor. John is a retired physiology professor from UCSF and has the most Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certifications of anybody in the SF Bay area. John can quickly correct any posture and/or muscle group weaknesses that contribute to persistent problems or could lead to injuries. With his background in physiology and body mechanics, he has insight and expertise that other certified TPI people lack.

John can be contacted at his website, http://www.jtclubs.com/.

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